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Parking Management 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of today, we recognise the crucial role of retail car park management. Unfortunately, this facet often remains understaffed and overlooked, resulting in heightened stress levels, a surge in errors, and an uptick in parking misconduct. Ultimately, this has a ripple effect on both retailers and authentic customers, undermining the quest for a smooth and stress-free shopping journey. At Kiwi Parking, we aim to redefine retail car park management, infusing efficiency and reliability to ensure an optimal experience for all.

Retail Management Solutions

Kiwi Parking presents a comprehensive app-based car parking solution that addresses every dimension of parking management. Leveraging our advanced mobile app technology, robust enforcement expertise, and extensive property/management background, we deliver a tailored solution perfectly aligned with your retail property requirements. Our holistic parking management eco-system empowers you to retain full control over your asset, embracing enhanced flexibility, while we seamlessly take charge of parking management responsibilities.

Kiwi Parking App
Use within Retail/Customer Parking

Experience the future of hassle-free retail parking with the Kiwi Parking app. Our innovative solution transforms the way customers navigate your establishment, ensuring a seamless and stress-free parking experience. From convenient spot reservations to real-time availability tracking, our user-friendly app empowers shoppers to focus on what truly matters – enjoying their retail journey. With Kiwi Parking, you're not just enhancing convenience; you're elevating the overall retail experience for your valued customers.

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Retailer Kiosk App

Kiwi Parking now has a customised Kiosk app that can be used by customers to enter their vehicle when visiting retail stores.  



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