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Panmure Retail Centre

Challenges Faced

The body corporate was dealing with issues and complaints from the retailers regarding the retail parking abuse. The retailers had found the customer car park to often be full yet, the retailers were not full of customers which meant that their genuine customers had no spaces to park in and furthermore resulting in an eventual loss of revenue and less ‘bums on seats’.

Our Solution

Kiwi Parking approached this issue from the perspective of every person dealing with parking. We not only understood the needs of the body corporate but understood the needs of the retailers, customers and even the parking abusers. We came to understand that what was needed was a structured approach that gave every person an equal opportunity for parking whilst, having the ability to offset property costs through parking.


For Kiwi Parking, this meant taking a pragmatic stance and getting line marking & numbering completed installing multiple signs with clear instructions and set rules and configuring the mobile app to align with the site.


Through the Kiwi Parking app, we gave all parking customers 2 free hours with the option to pay if they needed to extend. Additionally, we had this site monitored regularly checking the car park and enforcing non-compliant vehicles.


Our solution immediately took effect, resulting in increased compliance, consistent turnover parking, structured management, and additional revenue for the body corporate/retailers.


The retailers began feeling confident that their customers were being looked after from their arrival to the retail precinct.

Setup Process



Installed signage 

The Kiwi Parking team installed signs across the property to help educate customers on how to download the Kiwi Park app. Warning signs were also installed to explain the consequences for illegal parking.


Kiwi Park App Installation

The Kiwi Park app is then installed onto the property. Every car park is uniquely numbered and loaded into the system.  Customized parking rules are set up where every customer gets 120 mins free and if they wish to stay longer they pay $2.00 an hour thereafter.

kiwi parking app.png
uticket app.png


Enforcement Installed

After giving the car park users a generous grace period our enforcement team began monitoring the car park to ensure only genuine customers were parking. Any cars not registered via the Kiwi Park app were issued a parking infringement notice.

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