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About Kiwi Parking


How we came about?

The Kiwi Park app was founded by a collective of individuals from a variety of different backgrounds including parking management, parking enforcement, property, design and marketing. 


The worrying feedback from a variety of property owners and customers prompted us to start a new parking app that tackles the on going issues other parking apps have not yet solved. Using our collective experience and a little help from great developers we have created the Kiwi Parking App.  


 We take pride in understanding the stresses customers have with parking and the challenges property owners have with car park management. Understanding these complex problems we have worked tirelessly to bridge the gap and improve the experience on both sides.

Our Benefits

1. Smart Application

Our technology is designed with the user in mind. Creating a seamless, easy to use, and efficient service for all users. With our prime locations, competitive prices, and world class technology, our application is made for all.

2. Create Value

Unused car parking bays are one of the most undervalued assets in a business or property environment. Our services allow anyone to use their parking bays to generate income. Whether its enough to buy your weekly coffees, or to service property costs – our services can aid. 

3. Book Your Bay

The Kiwi Park App allows you to book a bay where ever you are in the world, for what ever day or time you require. One of the biggest stresses is getting to work knowing you have to spend time looking for parking. We take that stress out of your hands. 


Our Tailored Solution

Every client is unique, whether it's varying operating hours or a multitude of moving components. Our technology and experience are finely tuned to deliver optimal solutions tailored to both end clients and users.

Your Terms

You of all people know your property best, whether you want to develop or are looking for tenants, Kiwi can bridge the financial gaps

Your Income

Let the professionals take the stress off your hands. All payments will be paid directly, with comprehensive reporting as a bonus!

No Commitments

As professionals in the property industry, commitments can both be daunting and frustrating. Our services have no fixed contracts, simply give us notice and we are out.

Simply Flexible

24/7, or special hours? No worries, our smart intuitive app is developed with flexibility in mind, having no interference in day to day operations or tasks.

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