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Retail Parking Management
  • Staff

  • Customers

  • Timed Free Parking

Body Corporate Parking Management
  • Landlords

  • Tenants

  • Visitor Parking

Staff Parking Management
  • Staff

  • Visitor Parking 

  • Park Sharing


1. Smart Phone Application

Customer facing smart phone application. Allowing a full package for users to park, pay and extend their parking session. Our application is built for a global market, and is not geo-graphically restricted. 

2. Backend Management Software

The Kiwi Parking backend management system allows clients to have clear control and understanding of their parking environment, whilst having the ability to earn revenue, pre-book or allocate bays, and control enforcement through the one platform. This system acts as the app brain and autonomously links within our eco-system. 

3. Smart Sensors

The Kiwi Park App allows you to book a bay where ever you are in the world, for what ever day or time you require. One of the biggest stresses is getting to work knowing you have to spend time looking for parking. We take that stress out of your hands. 

** Please note that our services and solutions can be used and ordered individually or as an eco-system, if you require more information on individual solutions, contact our team **

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What's in it for you

With Kiwi Parking’s simple and effective hosting solutions, you can rest assured that your assets are both well protected, and generating the highest possible returns. Our team ensure compliance is at its maximum, as well as finding the perfect balance between price and demand – something neglected by other operators.


Whether your property is between lease, or you own vacant land, our services and team are here to help. If you require your property for any reason, simply give us notice and we will be out. Stress free income is our promise. 

We Add Value to Operations

Kiwi Parking has offers a vast range of management and organisational solutions and eco-systems that can apply with significant value to almost all areas of property management, and faced paced parking environments. 

Our track record has seen our technology implemented in such areas as:

1. Office Building Environments

2. Retail Precincts and Shopping Centres

3. Hotels, Motels and Accomodation

4. Residential Precincts and Apartments

5. Large Commercial Precincts

6. Airports, Ports and Storage Destinations

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