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Our Features

We have found in almost every case that our platform not only allows landlords or business owners the opportunity to financially diversify their operations, but take care of issues such as enforcement, abuse, and security all in the one package. Find out abut how Kiwi Parking features may help you. 

Cost Effective

We offer an extremely cost efficient solution. Whether you choose to manage yourself, or get our team to manage for you, we quote based on what you really require. No hidden costs, no hidden fees. 

Completely Tailored

Our clients need's are paramount. When it comes to parking, a faced paced product can become a challenge. We pride ourselves on tailoring a solution to our individual client. Marketing, operating and pricing.


Our software is built to be completely autonomous, input basic data and let technology do the rest. Without relying on human interaction to control or maintain the parking environment or operations, means efforts can be put into things which are truly important. 


Kiwi Parking has developed an eco-system which is completely integrated. It has been built with API connectivity, smart notifications, payment integration and a myriad of integral features. If you change something within our backend, it is reflected in real time elsewhere.  


Lengthy fixed term contracts are both pesky and irritating. We offer a solution which has no binding terms. It's simple, sign up, earn, and if you have had enough of us - we will terminate any operations. Stay in control of your assets

Efficient and Flexible

Both our solutions and highly skilled team are here to provide results. Whether you partner with us for financial gain, to mitigate parking issues or management capabilities, we will ensure everything is done in our power to make it as flexible and efficient as possible. 

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